The Cute Rabbit

This is a site all about the cute rabbit, thanks so much for visiting.

Rabit is a really cute creature, I like it so much!

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Rabbit is a really really cute creature in the world, and it got lots of soft and long hairs, I like to touch their soft hair so much. And their long ear is lovely as well, especially when the rabbit drop their ear down. When the rabbit lay on the ground, we can see their small nose shaking, isn't it cute?

Story Of the Cute Rabbit

Here is a story about a clumsy but cute rabbit

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Can you see the furry rabbit underneath with the blue rose on it's ear?

It's my little rabbit! Is it cute?

Once upon time, this little rabbit saw my rose, and bite it curiously, I thought it like the rose, so that I put it on its ear.

But then, it started jumping and tried to swing it off.

Obviously, it's no use, it started use its paw to drag it off.

But it failed again, it tired and stared at me, I thought it means let me help it to take the rose off, I didn't help it at first, and take the photo of it, Because it is really cute!

It seems like a little bit mad at me, after I helped it to take the thing off, maybe it realized that the one who put the rose on its ear is me...

Unfortunately, I didn't film the process of the rabbit tried to take the rose down...